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Barbie Surgery: Occidental sexual mutilations???

This article is about the this new style of surgery, the Barbie looks labiaplasty, that getting really popular in Canada and United States, even with tweens of 12 years old!


Cet article aborde la nouvelle chirurgie à la mode, la labiaplastie Barbie, gagnant en popularité au Canada et aux États-Unis, même auprès de jeunes préadolescentes aussi jeunes que 12 ans!

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  1. mariahsea answered: 12?!? Oh lord. I didn’t like my labia at 12 but I literally grew into them…
  2. deeloodee answered: I definitely prefer uncut guys, and think any kind of genital surgery (circumcision, labiaplasty, etc) performed on minors is a mutilation.
  3. needoll answered: Wow, 12 years old… I don’t think I’d seen another vagina other than a drawn one in sexual education and worrying if mine was different.
  4. thespookyfeyneednoshoes answered: This is fucking sick. >_< Genital mutilation, just like FGC and medically unneeded ‘corrective’ cosmetic surgery on intersex infants…
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    Shit, 12 years old? That’s depressing.
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